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Your 28 Day Quick-Start Program

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Your 28 Day Quick-Start Program

Hi, My name is Jodi Molitor.
I am the founder of 180 Kettlebell Gyms and Fitness. Having done just about everything in the fitness world besides run a marathon, kettlebells have been the tool that has changed my mindset and physical appearance for the better. Having gone through the ups and downs of weight gain and loss, fad diets and diet pills, pregnancy and after, injury and recovery, I have experienced the roller coaster ride of mental and physical fitness. In fact it was an injury that started me on this journey to learn more about kettlebells. After seeing and feeling the benefits of kettlebells, I was sold and very encouraged. I then started gathering all the knowledge and training I could about kettlebells and functional training. It took me over a year and a half to train and receive my very sought after AOS Certification from the best in the field Anthony Dilugilio. My passion in life is to help people achieve their fitness goals and see themselves changed. It brings me great joy to share in this process.

Having been there myself I know what it takes and how it feels to persevere towards personal goals. I have been blessed with a supportive group of family and friends without whom none of this would be possible. Thanks to all of you have been a pivotal role in my success so that now 180 Kettlebell Gym and Fitness can be a pivotal role in others!

Let’s push forward in excellence and achieve our goals!

                                                                                                                                                                       Persevering to the end,

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Be careful about reading health books ...
You may die of a misprint.
                                                                Mark Twain

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Personal Fitness Services

Kettlebell Weight Regimens
Drop excess weight fast with regimens that are designed to 'move' you at your own speed while you 're-move' what's not supposed to be there.

Weight Machine Toning
In no time flat, you will see a change in everything about youself, making your body the strength machine it was designed to be!

Improved Cardiovascular Health
The people you know will notice the 'new you' and will want to know how in the world you did it - Simply answer, "180° Kettlebell Gym!"